An argument for and against bilingual education

But if bilingual education results in better English development, as claimed above, this finding is an argument for bilingual education. By then, language shift is nearly always complete. The bilingual lobby will have a fit if we attempt to do this — but that points to a hard, cold fact: However, when respondents are simply asked whether or not they support bilingual education, the degree of support is quite strong: But if we want the burgeoning numbers of Hispanic children who now attend Texas schools to succeed, we have to find a way to kill bilingual education.

Cite conclusive research that in order to achieve true English proficiency, a combination of teaching methods is required: In the case of bilingual education, that would be a high burden. Rodriguez tells us that he succeeded in school without a special program and acquired a very high level of English literacy.

What is your opinion. Lopez and Mora claim that Hispanics who participated in bilingual education programs earn significantly less in their late 20's than comparison subjects who did not participate in bilingual education. His superior knowledge of subject matter helped make the English input he heard more comprehensible.

Once we can read in one language, we can read in general. First, it appears that the groups compared may be quite different: Although it is not really talked about much, I can imagine that this would be really hard for teachers.

The challenge is to help them develop what Cummins calls "academic language," the language of school. The difference between the responses to the two questions was huge and statistically significant: We have no information on how bilingual education was done.

Of course, when parents say they want children to learn English, this should not be interpreted as a rejection of bilingual education. A series of studies by Fay Shin also suggests that the public is not against bilingual education. One major problem is in labeling.

Cantonese site analytic study. These plans also allow children to have the advantages of advanced first language development.

Interviews were conducted in the Los Angeles Unified School District, and the Times reporter concluded that children were picking up "verbal English at a surprising rate" but also reported that there were concerns that children were falling behind in their studies; many teachers were questioning "whether most of the youngsters have acquired the language skills necessary to comprehend math, reading or history lessons in English.

Its harshest critics, however e. It is not even clear whether "bilingual education" included ESL as a component. Thus, most of those who speak another language at home probably do not develop it to high levels, for a variety of factors.

In this way, the sheltered classes function as a bridge between instruction in the first language and in the mainstream. Rumbergerfor example, concluded that " Any foreign language teacher will tell you that immersion is the best way to learn French or German.

If passed, schools would have 60 days to conform to the new policy. Even as you read this, some districts are building ornate new school buildings. The initiative would dismantle many current programs that have been demonstrated to be successful in helping children acquire English, and would hold teachers financially responsible if they violate this policy.

Believe that bilingualism handicaps children. What are the arguments against bilingual education? Opponents also have studies and data to suggest that a bilingual education in fact retards student growth and delays English acquisition. Bilingual Education: A Goal for All Children A Rethinking Schools Editorial Written just after a critical vote against bilingual education in Arizona in Novemberthe editors argue that it is important that.

Bilingual vs. English-Only: Arguments For and Against California's Prop. 58

Bilingual Education is the learning of school subjects in two languages, the “use” and “knowing” of two different languages. The United States should have certain schools throughout the country that offer bilingual classes.

Those Against: Claim that the public is against bilingual education. Those For: Argue that those opposed to bilingual education are actually opposed to certain practices or regulations connected to bilingual education (e.g., inappropriate placement of children, forcing teachers to acquire another language to keep their jobs, etc.).

Sep 09,  · Despite the ban on bilingual education in the state, biliteracy is on the rise there and, for years, educators have used loopholes to teach students in languages other than English. A 'yes' vote.

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An argument for and against bilingual education
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Arguments Against Bilingual Education