Reverse logistics for electrical and electronic

Companies have championed recycling, repair, and remanufacturing operations because they realize concrete bottom-line benefits from these activities. Previous article in issue. Just ask Cummins Engine, a diesel engines manufacturer headquartered in Columbus, Ind.

For Buy Seasons, an online retailer of costumes and party supplies, the Flexible Access program proved to be an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to manage returns. Decisions on how product recalls are to be handled should take marketing and customer service considerations, as well as liability concerns and regulatory requirements, into account.

When a product is reduced to its basic elements, which are reused. Finding Secondary Markets For some manufacturers and retailers, finding secondary markets for used or refurbished products helps drive further value on the reverse side—especially when the alternative is sending product to a landfill.

LSI markets and sells surplus assets and wholesale goods to more thanbuyers worldwide via online auctions, online sealed bids, or online negotiated sales, while managing more than two million square feet of warehouse space.

Cavalry, based in Radcliff, Ky. Via the web site, customers would be able to obtain a returned merchandise authorization if requiredand a return label with a 3-D bar code containing all the necessary data. While the Internet has enhanced the speed and efficiency with which shipments can be ordered and received, it has also given manufacturers and retailers a platform to communicate product information, return policies, and warranty information, as well as answer customer service queries.

Because of that kind of reasons, the firms include the reverse logistics into their systems which provides recovering of the products from customers into the production, recycling of them or disposing of them. As with forward logistics, the execution of reverse logistics inherently requires large transportation volumes, which carry all the environmental risks of pollution, emissions, and increased carbon footprint.

But some experts question whether this approach is enough. Compare your returns policies to those of your competitors. But there are also opportunities to create value. Beside the legal sanctions, the consumers are being more conscious every day and they are being more sensitive on environment.

It is OK now to buy refurbished electronics; in fact, it has even become a selling point in some cases, because refurbished products are seen as being greener," ATCLE's Morris notes.

If the plastic housing is still in good shape, for instance, the plastic can be reclaimed and used to refurbish another product. Include costs of customer service, transportation, warehousing, packaging, finance, and data collection. The team should focus on a number of strategic areas, including: They offer companies economies of scale, specialized expertise, facilities and systems, and often unique channels of product disposition.

She recommends that companies integrate an electronic return order template on their web site. In the reverse logistics network, there are more units than the ones in the forward logistics network.

Reverse Logistics in the Electronics Waste Industry

How then to transport returns effectively while still striving for sustainability. Using a product again for a purpose similar to the one for which it was designed. Consumers get a discounted price, Callaway earns additional revenue, and the landfills stay that much emptier.

Abstract Depending on the high consumption in the world, the amount of waste increases. Economic constraints, environmental stewardship, a more holistic vision of supply chain management, and in some cases federal legislation have all triggered a higher awareness of reverse logistics processes and the role they play in the supply chain.

Typically, a field technician called to fix a copier, computer, or medical device receives a repair part from a field stocking location, performs on-site service, and has at least one defective part to return. In the reverse logistics network, there are more units than the ones in the forward logistics network.

For example, 70 to 90 percent of the goods sold in the motor vehicle aftermarket have been remanufactured, reports the Remanufacturing Industrial Council International.

They process trailers a month, sorting perhapscore parts. Reverse Logistics RL has become attractive because of raised consumer awareness, the green laws performed by the governments, request of the producers to reduce the cost with lower business capital, increasing of the usage of the recovered containers, increasing of the request of services, raising the quality, re-production, fixing etc.


And, by working to cut out inefficient returns processes that result in unnecessary transportation moves, reverse logistics proponents can reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality. At the last part, general characteristics of electrical and electronic goods, their recycling processes under the reverse logistics are described.

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Why Arrow Services Arrow’s reverse supply chain services offer reverse logistics management for technology-driven companies around the world, providing worry-free service spares inventory, product returns management, and intelligent redeployment of assets. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive (/96/EC) aims to reduce the waste arising from electrical and electronic equipment and improve the environmental performance of all those involved in the life cycle of electrical and electronic products.

Affected parties include those manufacturing, selling, distributing, recycling. Reverse logistics system design for the waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in Turkey Article in Resources Conservation and Recycling 95 · February with Reads.

Optimizing reverse logistic costs for recycling end-of-life electrical and electronic products. Reverse logistics is one of the adopted supply chain processes and becomes more important.

In the literature, several decision models have been developed for complex decision-making problems of the forward and reverse logistics chains for electrical and electronics products and wastes.

Reverse logistics for electrical and electronic
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